BOE officially announced the supply of Honor Magic4 / Pro series f-OLED display

According to the official announcement of BOE, on the evening of February 28, Honor released its annual flagship product Magic4 series. Following the Honor Magic3 series, Honor 60 series, and Honor Magic V folding products, BOE has joined hands with Honor again to create a high-end flexible display technology brand-f-OLED flexible screen for the Magic4 series.

According to BOE, the Honor Magic4 series uses BOE’s 6.81-inch flexible OLED screen. The entire series is equipped with BOE’s LTPO technology, 1Hz-120Hz adaptive seven-frequency dynamic refresh mode, 360Hz high touch sampling rate, and BOE’s self-developed Q8 new generation of EL light-emitting devices, has the advantages of low power consumption, high image quality, and strong battery life, allowing users to enjoy high-quality screen display without worrying about battery life.

In addition, the Magic4 series equipped with BOE's flexible OLED screen has a peak brightness of 1000 nits, which can meet the needs of a wider range of scenarios and bring users a comfortable and smooth screen display experience.

At the same time, the entire Honor Magic 4 series adopts BOE's self-developed new pixel arrangement, which optimizes the underlying logic structure of pixel display, and fully upgrades the picture quality display, which is bright and colorful, achieving double improvement of picture quality and screen display life.

This time, the flexible screen provided by BOE for the Honor Magic4 series has also been upgraded in terms of design aesthetics, bringing a higher screen ratio. The Honor Magic4 Standard Edition adopts a hyperbolic screen, and the screen display area accounts for up to 94.2%, achieving a very narrow border display effect.

The Honor Magic4 Pro adopts BOE's full-arc display flexible OLED four-curved screen, which can display all four corners of the screen, and exists in the four corners of the screen to achieve a "visual hiding" effect.

BOE said that the flexible OLED screens supplied for the Honor Magic4 series have also reached a leading level in healthy eye protection.

After joint innovation with Honor, the first 1920Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming mode on the LTPO screen has been realized, which can greatly reduce the potential harm of screen flicker to the eyes in a dark light environment.

At the same time, the screen is equipped with BOE flexible OLED low blue light technology, which greatly reduces the proportion of harmful blue light generated by the screen, which is far lower than the industry average, effectively reducing the damage to the eyes.

In December 2021, BOE released a technology brand in China's semiconductor display field, including a high-end flexible display technology brand-f-OLED, which is equipped with this technology brand in the Honor Magic 4 series.

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