China Radio and Television 5G core network Shandong node construction completed

According to Shandong Radio and Television news, on March 23, China Radio and Television 5G core network Shandong node construction was completed and the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation with Shandong Mobile was held in Jinan.

China Radio and Television Shandong Company said that as of March 23, it has fully completed the core network construction of China Radio and Television’s 5G core network Shandong node Sun Village and Gaoxin two computer rooms, Shandong-Nanjing regional core network Guogan interconnection, regional core network The connection between control plane data and voice commissioning and other work, the overall construction is progressing smoothly.

Shandong Mobile pointed out that with the joint efforts of both parties, as of December last year, 50,000 5G base stations had been built, of which 13,000 700MHz base stations were jointly built and shared, achieving continuous coverage in urban areas and towns above the county seat in the province, and developed administrative villages. good coverage, and in-depth coverage of key scenarios such as industrial applications. Give full play to the advantages of co-construction and sharing of 700MHz network, strengthen multi-frequency collaborative networking, accelerate wide-area coverage in rural areas, and complete 5G full coverage of more than 3,000 kilometers of offshore waters in the province.

At present, China Radio and Television Shandong Company and China Mobile Shandong Company are making every effort to prepare for 5G network construction, interconnection, 700M frequency migration, customer service training, BOSS docking, etc., in order to realize the commercial use of No. 192 section of Radio and Television in Shandong. Lay the foundation for number distribution operations.

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