Compal Computer: Shanghai strengthens movement control

With the recent strengthening of action control in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, and other cities, Chen Ruicong, vice chairman of Compal, said today that it is indeed very troublesome, and the lack of work has also caused wages to rise too far, and the cost pressure is very high.

Chen Ruicong believes that it depends on the customer's tolerance for the increased cost pressure in mainland China and whether it will speed up the trip to Vietnam.

In response to the recent decline in demand for consumer electronics products, Chen Ruicong said that Compal had released in the previous legal meeting, and the demand for Chromebook laptops for education has indeed dropped. However, commercial and gaming laptops are still growing, but Chromebooks have fallen. There are many more, and the demand is indeed not as much as before.

In addition, it is rumored that Apple has placed orders for iPhone repairs . Chen Ruicong said that the iPhone has not slowed down, and is still out of stock and materials. Although inflation will lead to rising prices and ICT products, the impact will be limited.

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