Dyson unveils DysonZone headphones, head-mounted air purifiers

Dyson today announced the launch of a headset called Dyson Zone, you can understand it as a two-in-one product of "headphones + air purifier", the official definition of it is "Air Purifying Headphones". This headset supports active noise reduction, built-in dual purification technology of Dyson technology, and a digital motor, which cooperates with the corresponding purification system and mask to send clean air to the wearer's breathing area, which can be understood as a mobile personal air purifier.

In addition, this headset also has a sterilization effect, but you can't expect it to reach the level of an N95 mask, after all, this is not a mask. It is worth mentioning that this is also Dyson's first audio product. The sound generation and noise reduction parts are independently developed. 

Dyson just released a product today, similar to a concept, but has not announced more specific parameters, and the pricing has not been announced yet. 

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