Honor 50 / Pro open Magic UI 6.0 closed beta recruitment

The Honor 50 / Honor 50 Pro officially opened the Magic UI 6.0 internal beta test early adopter recruitment today, and qualified friends can go to register.

Recruitment details

A number of recruits: The first batch of Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro recruited 2,000 users respectively. See the table below for details.

Recruitment time: March 24, 2022 - March 30, 12:00

Announcement time of the list: It is planned to announce the list of the first batch of selected users on March 25. For the specific time, please pay attention to the follow-up update of the official post. The selected users are subject to the official SMS notification.

Registration is still supported before the recruitment ends. Subsequent selected users will be reviewed and pushed in batches, but the list will no longer be announced, so the follow-up registration users should follow the official SMS notification.

Version push time: see the follow-up official notice (if you fill in the registration information incorrectly or you are not on the baseline version that supports the upgrade, you will not receive the push)

Ways of registration
  • 1. Please be sure to read and fully understand the relevant code of conduct for the internal testing activities before registering.
  • 2. This internal test event only supports registration on the "Glory Club App" side, not on the PC side. Please ensure that the Glory Club App is the latest version before registration (you can enter the app market to upgrade the "Glory Club" App to the latest version. version or upgrade through "Glory Club App > My > Check for Updates").
  • 3. Registration entrance and method: Please open the "Glory Club App> Home> Recommend> Internal Beta Registration" on your mobile phone, and then follow the prompts to register.

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