Huawei Sound Joy portable speaker will go on sale at 0:00 tomorrow

Huawei recently released the Sound Joy cylindrical Devialet co-branded speaker in China, with a four-unit powerful sound / 26-hour battery life/stereo surround sound connection, the starting price is 899 yuan, and it will be 0 tomorrow. Click on the official sale.

The Huawei Sound Joy speaker supports Bluetooth 5.2, supports classic codecs such as AAC and SBC, and has IP67 certification, claiming that it can be submerged in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.

According to Huawei, it is powered by an 8,800mAh battery that guarantees a 26-hour battery life. In addition, it supports 40W fast charging, which can provide an hour of listening time after 10 minutes of charging, while it only takes three hours to fully charge.

According to Huawei's official website, this is the first portable Bluetooth speaker that Huawei and Devialet cooperated with. It is 202 mm in height, 73 mm in diameter, and 680 grams in weight. It is quite light, so it can be "easy to carry like a water bottle". ".

The speaker is equipped with a 10 W tweeter, a 20 W full-range speaker, and two passive radiators, and is equipped with a 79 dBA @2 m Devialet 2-way speaker system4 and Devialet SAM® technology, for adjusting the signal and acoustic output pressure.

Huawei says Sound Joy also uses a passive Push-Push membrane, which has two diaphragms placed back-to-back for sound wave compensation, and three microphones that can also adjust the sound based on the speaker's position.

It also supports shake-shake group stereo, phone-to-tap transfer, etc., as well as a voice assistant button and several other buttons (on/off, voice, play/pause, bluetooth, etc.), including two buttons for adjusting the volume.

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