Korea Intellectual Property Office: U.S. and China lead in AI chip field

The number of patent applications related to artificial intelligence (AI) chips has more than tripled since 2016, with the U.S. and mainland China leading the way, according to the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

According to businesskorea, artificial intelligence chips process large amounts of data at low power consumption, and their computing power is about 1,000 times that of non-artificial intelligence chips.

In terms of countries or regions where patent applications were filed, the number of patent applications in the United States and mainland China accounted for 37% and 36% of the total number of patent applications respectively, and the number of patent applications in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan accounted for 8%, 6%, and 2% respectively. %. From the perspective of manufacturers, Intel, IBM, and Samsung Electronics are leading.

The report also pointed out that the current artificial intelligence chip industry is evolving into the third generation of neuromorphic chips, surpassing the first generation based on CPU and GPU and the second generation based on FPGA and ASIC. Neuromorphic chips feature a completely new structure that mimics human neurons and synapses.

The Korea Intellectual Property Office pointed out that in the field of neuromorphic chips, South Korea's patent share is 18%, Japan and Taiwan are 4% and 2% respectively. In terms of manufacturer rankings, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix ranked second and fifth in the world, respectively.

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