Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2020 grayscale push ZUI 13.1 OTA8

Today, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2020 will start the ZUI 13.1 OTA8 grayscale test. Among them, the first round of limited push starts at 15:00 today, and the second round of limited push starts at 10:00 on March 10. The updated content shows that in ZUI 13.1 OTA8, Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2020 reconstructs the parallel window frame, supports more ecological applications, optimizes the interaction of small windows, and adds a floating window top menu.

In addition, Lenovo officials said that after the grayscale test, the official version of ZUI 13.1 will be updated to meet users soon.

Upgrade Aspect

  • Refactoring the parallel window framework to support more ecological applications
  • Optimized the interaction of small windows and added a floating top menu

System Optimization

  • Fixed the problem that the face recognition of "Honor of Kings" could not be authenticated through QQ
  • Fix the problem that occasionally selects WeChat / QQ from other third-party software to log in
  • Fix the desktop editing state, drag a folder to apply to the bottom, and the desktop crashes
  • Fixed the issue that when Himalaya entered the split-screen and changed the split-screen size, the page turned black and no content was displayed
  • Fixed the problem that the input method could not be called after QQ opened the window when QQ was opened in the floating window mode of any application
  • Fix the problem that youku video is watched for a long time in floating window/split-screen, and the split-screen is canceled
  • Fixed the issue of the black screen on the right screen when the public comment clicks the search box at the top to display in a parallel window and uses shortcut keys or gestures to take screenshots
  • Fixed the problem of opening applications such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the sidebar, pressing and holding the bottom bar, and dragging to the "full screen" full-screen interface black screen

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