MediaTek & OPPO Joint Interview: Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition All your concerns are here

The first Dimensity 9000 platform mass production machine, OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition, was officially released. As the terminal debut of the Dimensity 9000 platform, this mobile phone has attracted extensive attention from the outside world as soon as it came out. 

But in fact, about the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition, because there is less content officially discussed at the press conference, I believe there are still many things you want to know about the story behind this phone. On March 10, MediaTek and OPPO jointly conducted a media exchange event for the Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition, revealing a lot of the development background of this phone. I believe there must be something you care about.

First of all, the biggest highlight of the OPPO Find X5 Pro series is undoubtedly the Mariana X self-developed chip, but the Find X5 Pro Dimensity version does not use this chip, which must be the biggest question in the hearts of many friends. Why not carry it? Will there be a version with Mariana X in the future?

Li Jie, president of the OPPO Find product line, explained on the spot that the main reasons for not using it were manpower and time because Mariana's initial project was nearly three years ago.

However, the understanding revealed that the entire IP selection of Mariana X, the definition of some key performances, communicated and communicated with MediaTek, and the key point is that OPPO has already begun to debug the entire Dimensity series and Mariana chips. . As for the product, it's definitely something to look forward to.

In addition, some friends must be curious, why is the highly concerned OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity version only 12G+256G priced at 5799 yuan?

Regarding this issue, Li Jie said that it is mainly due to the flagship positioning of the Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition. This phone will be more flagship, so its other costs are very expensive. The 12+256GB option is chosen because 256GB is already the actual flagship memory version, and 12GB is also a choice that guarantees the better performance of the Dimensity 9000 . Li Jie also revealed that OPPO with other storage capacity versions has also been prepared because factors such as controlling SKU will be evaluated according to the situation after the listing on the 18th.

At present, production capacity and shortages have always been one of the problems plaguing the chip industry. At the scene, there were also media inquiries about the stocking situation of MediaTek Dimensity 9000. Dr. Li Yanji, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek Wireless Communications Division, said that this time the stock is quite sufficient and will meet the market demand for Dimensity 9000 terminals as much as possible. Friends who are worried about the lack of cores can feel at ease.

At the same time, some people are also curious why the Dimensity 9000 will choose to cooperate with OPPO to launch this time. Dr. Li Yanji also answered. First of all, because OPPO and MediaTek are long-term strategic partners, the number of mobile phone chips shipped by MediaTek last year ranked first. A big customer is OPPO. Moreover, creating an OPPO + MediaTek Dimensity mobile phone that meets the user experience and true flagship performance is a common goal of OPPO and MediaTek in the future high-end strategy.

In addition, Dr. Li Yanji also talked about the cooperation with OPPO this time, and MediaTek also devoted the company's strength to polish the experience together with OPPO. The two sides have about a year to start in-depth cooperation and start working on OPPO Find. The X5 Pro Dimensity Edition has also been polished for about a year, which is a very long time.

Conversely, why did OPPO choose MediaTek Dimensity 9000? Li Jie said that he mainly valued three important features of the Dimensity 9000 chip. One is the performance and energy efficiency ratio. Li Jie said that the Dimensity 9000 has very advanced concepts and architectures in the entire chip architecture, whether it is CPU or GPU.

The second is the processing performance of the ISP, which can reach this top performance of 9 billion pixels per second. The third is in AI. This time, the AI ​​performance and energy efficiency of the Dimensity 9000 ranked first in the Zurich list. OPPO has enough affirmation for the AI ​​capabilities of the Dimensity.

I believe that many friends have noticed that more and more mobile phone manufacturers are now embarking on the road of self-developed chips. Therefore, some media at the scene also asked how MediaTek views this trend.

Regarding this issue, Li Junnan, technical planning director of MediaTek's wireless communication division, said that the external chip is to make the camera better. The main driving force for self-developed chips is to different mobile phones and ultimately allow consumers to get a better experience. So MediaTek thinks this is a better direction.

At the same time, MediaTek also has its own Dimensity open architecture. The main idea is to co-innovate with customers to make the experience and differentiated improvements that end consumers feel, or to enhance the overall mobile phone experience. If you think about it in this way, the two directions are consistent.

"So we are now having in-depth discussions with OPPO and customers. We expect that in the near future, in these different fields, MediaTek will be able to innovate collaboratively with customers. We are also looking at these positive forces that promote the progress of the industry. "Li Junnan said.

In addition, Li Junnan also interpreted MediaTek's plan for the construction of the flagship processor software ecosystem, which will mainly be laid out in three directions.

The first is the open architecture of Dimensity, which will not only face terminal manufacturers, not only terminals but also close cooperation with third-party software development partners.

Secondly, in the AI ​​part, MediaTek has prepared NeuroPilot. In this field, MediaTek has very close cooperation with algorithm companies, such as Douyin, MediaTek provides an open architecture, as well as complete and effective development tools, allowing these head development teams, can make the best effect on the open architecture of Dimensity.

The last is the game direction. MediaTek has set up a plan for the "Star of Dimensity", and will maintain close coordination and cooperation with leading game companies to optimize each important game to ensure that it can be played well on the Dimensity platform. Smooth and reduce heat. Not only that, MediaTek will also cooperate with game engine companies, such as Tencent Games, on advanced technology. This is a relatively long-term cooperation road. MediaTek will continue to invest and support the progress of the game experience.

In general, through this joint exchange between OPPO and MediaTek, we have a deeper understanding of the background of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition, as well as the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and flagship chip strategy. All questions have been answered. At the same time, we have increased confidence and expectations for the market performance of OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition and the future development of MediaTek Dimensity 9000 in the terminal market. It is believed that the cooperation between MediaTek and OPPO will become more and more in-depth, and more flagship products with excellent experience will be launched.

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