NAND flash production will shrink rapidly from April

Zhang Jiapi, president of Apacer's memory module manufacturer, said on the 1st that as suppliers are cautious about capacity expansion, and the joint venture between Kioxia and Western Digital Japan has significantly reduced production due to raw material pollution, NAND flash memory will begin to be in short supply in the second quarter .

Zhang Jiapi expects that the total output of NAND flash memory chips will shrink rapidly from April, resulting in a shortage of supply in the second quarter. The increase has been reduced.

At the same time, downstream equipment assemblers and suppliers are holding inventories of NAND flash memory chips at levels suitable for their needs, as downstream manufacturers look to mitigate the effects of inventory imbalances across different chip types.

Zhang Jiapin estimates that the price of NAND flash memory will face downward pressure in the first half of 2022. As the shortage of logic ICs eases, downstream device assemblers and suppliers are expected to accelerate inventory accumulation in the second half of the year.

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