Nanxin Semiconductor launched the charging chip SC89890H

According to the news of Nanxin Semiconductor, after the high-efficiency and high-power charge pump charging chip launched in 2020 has been applied by major mobile phone manufacturers, Nanxin Semiconductor has once again launched a single-series lithium-ion battery full scene Covers the charging chip SC89890H.

Officially, the main structure of SC89890H is a step-down charging IC that supports dynamic power path switching. It can be equipped with mainstream adapters on the market for fast charging, and the maximum charging current can reach 5A. At the same time, the charging process of the lithium battery can be completely managed.

The SC89890H is packaged in a QFN 4X4-24 package, and the input terminal supports up to 22V withstand voltage. The chip is highly integrated with reverse blocking transistor (RBFET), step-down power transistor (HSFET and LSFET), power path management transistor (BATFET), power transistor drive power supply, and bootstrap diode, which greatly simplifies system design and operation. The mobile phone processor can flexibly configure the charging parameters through the I2C interface. The SC89890H supports up to 5A charging current and 2.4A reverse OTG current.

Shanghai Nanxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., established in Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai, is a high-performance domestic semiconductor design company focusing on the power supply and battery management.

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