Nvidia leaked documents suspected to expose Nintendo Switch 2 console

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa recently stated in the company's financial report that the Switch console is still in the middle of its life cycle, which means that we are unlikely to get a successor to the Switch anytime soon.

However, TechPowerUp posted that the source code of NVIDIA's DLSS technology has been leaked, and attached a picture, but according to Nintendo's uncle Samus Hunter, the leaked code and folders in the picture suggest that some players can see a feature on Nintendo's next-gen consoles.

Among the NVIDIA confidential documents disclosed by the hackers, there is a directory named NVN2, and another directory named NVNDLSS. In addition, there are also documents that mention T239. Since NVN is the API used to develop Switch, "NVN2" probably refers to Switch 2, while NVNDLSS refers to the DLSS function of Switch, implying that Switch 2 supports DLSS function.

In addition, the Twitter user kopite7kimi who often broke the news of NVIDIA also said that the T239 is the Soc used by the new generation of Switch, code-named Drake.

According to the official introduction, NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a pioneering AI rendering technology that takes advantage of the dedicated AI processing unit - Tensor Core on GeForce RTX GPUs to take visual fidelity to a whole new level. DLSS harnesses the power of deep learning neural networks to increase frame rates and produce beautiful, clear images for games.

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