Ranking of global high-end mobile phone sales in 2021

Counterpoint released the 2021 high-end smartphone data report. The data shows that in 2021, the global sales of high-end smartphones (above US$400) will increase by 24% year on year, exceeding the market's average growth rate of 7%, while High-end mobile phone share also hit a record high, growing to 27%.

In terms of brand sales, in the high-end market, Apple leads the market with an absolute leading share of 60%, thanks to the success of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, and by seizing Huawei users, its domestic share in Q4 2021 hit a record high.

Samsung's sales increased by 6% year on year, and its share ranked second with 17%, down 3 percentage points year on year. On the one hand, the S21 and folding screen series products performed well, but on the other hand, the absence of the Note series and FE series also offset this aspect. , and Samsung was also affected by supply shortages.

Huawei fell by more than half, and the high-end mobile phone market accounted for only 6% of sales, but it was still second only to Samsung, ranking third; Xiaomi achieved a 2% increase due to the promotion of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, with a share of 5%, ranking second. Four, and in the top five in the high-end market in all regions where it is available.

Both OPPO and Vivo have doubled their growth, increasing by 116% and 103%, respectively, ranking 5th and 6th, and they also rank among the top five in the high-end market in many regions. Reno's rebranding in early 2021 helped OPPO capture the entry-level premium market in China. Aiming to fill the market vacancy left by Huawei, OPPO's performance in the European market has also risen steadily. And Vivo's growth was driven by the X60 and X50 series released in China and Southeast Asia.

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