Raytheon launches Silver Wing wireless headset

According to Raytheon's official news, the Raytheon Silver Wing wireless headset HL503 is now available, priced at 299 yuan, supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, and has an ultra-low latency mode of 27ms.

The Thor Silver Wing wireless headset HL503 supports wired 2.4G, and Bluetooth three-mode connections. This headset supports Bluetooth 5.3 and supports LE Audio full-link ultra-low latency mode. When used with a wireless transmitter, the full-link delay between the device and the headset can reach 27 milliseconds; LE Audio based on LC3 encoding format The protocol can ensure a stable connection without losing the sound quality while reducing the transmission bit rate, and greatly improving the experience in scenes with strong radio frequency interference such as subways, high-speed railways, and airports.

In terms of battery life, the Thor Silver Wing wireless headset HL503 lasts for about 30 hours in a single session.

Thor Silver Wing Wireless Headphones HL503 Parameters:

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