Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been exposed to GPS problems

Although the Galaxy S22 series has achieved great success in sales, no mobile phone is perfect, and previous problems with the display of the new phone have been resolved through software updates. But according to Android World reports, the new phone has now been exposed to GPS problems.

Some Galaxy S22 Ultra users have complained about broken GPS functionality on Samsung's community forums. It is reported that after the mobile phone is set up for the first time, or after not being used for a long time, the function will not work properly, and navigation applications such as Google Maps will display an error message of "no GPS found". The extent of the issue's impact is unclear, but it appears that a considerable number of users have been affected.

The usual workarounds, such as resetting network settings, factory resetting the device, etc., do not seem to work for some users, although some users can solve the problem with a simple restart. This should be a problem that can be solved with an OTA update, and so far Samsung has not officially acknowledged this problem.

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