Sony: PS5 console will support VRR variable refresh rate "within a few months"

Sony announced today that the latest PS5 and PS4 system updates will be rolled out globally today, and VRR variable refresh rate support will be available in the next few months. First, today's update will bring some fan-requested features to the global community, such as hosting or participating in open and closed parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles . On PS5, Sony has brought UI improvements to the [Game Base] and [Trophy] tabs, as well as helper features like Headphone Mono.

In addition, starting today, Sony will gradually roll out the ability to host or participate in open and closed parties for PS App users, making it available through the app as well. Sony has also updated the PS App [Game Base] UI to make it easier to access [Friends], [Party], and messaging features, providing a more consistent PS5 player experience.

PS Remote Play mobile app users can automatically turn on " Dark Mode " according to the phone settings and can choose new [On-screen reading] languages ​​on iOS and Android, including Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) will be available on PS5 in the next few months. On TVs and computer screens with HDMI 2.1 interface, VRR will dynamically synchronize the screen refresh rate to match the graphics output of the PS5 console, which can greatly reduce or eliminate visual distortions (such as screen tearing problems). Many PS5 titles will have a smoother playing experience thanks to faster scene rendering times, sharper image quality, and reduced input lag.

Sony said that previously launched PS5 games will be optimized for VRR, and future games may support VRR at launch. Users can also choose to apply VRR to PS5 games that do not support this function, but the effect may be less, and users can manually choose to turn it on.

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