South Korea: Semiconductor-grade neon gas planned to be available in the second half of 2022

South Korean electronic special gas manufacturer TEMC is expected to start the production and supply of domestic semiconductor-grade high-purity neon gas in the second half of this year. At present, South Korea's dependence on imported neon gas is 100%. Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the procurement of electronic special gases such as neon gas has become a serious concern for all countries.

South Korean companies TEMC and POSCO recently cooperated to complete the construction of a high-purity neon gas production facility with an annual production capacity of about 22,000 standard cubic meters, equivalent to 16% of domestic demand. The companies are also working on domestic replacements for other noble gases, including krypton and xenon.

Businesskorea cited statistics that last year, 23% of South Korea's neon gas imports came from Ukraine and 5% from Russia. Krypton from the above two countries accounted for 31% and 17%, respectively, and the percentage of xenon was 18% and 31%.

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