Su Daweige: The specific applications of the company's laser direct writing lithography machine include flexible electronics

An investor asked a question on the investor interactive platform: Sudaweige's official website shows that the iGrapher series equipment has been used for industrial applications of 4-inch to 8-inch MEMS preparation and 17-65-inch precision circuits preparation. Can your lithography equipment be used for the large-scale fabrication of precision circuits and MEMS? Is it available to PCB or MEMS manufacturers?

Su Daweige said that the specific applications of the company's laser direct writing lithography machine include the research and development and manufacturing of flexible electronics, MEMS and semiconductors in specific fields such as semiconductor power chips. In addition to self-use and sales to domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes, the company's lithography equipment will begin to expand to enterprises in 2021, and has successfully achieved sales to companies in the semiconductor field; in terms of key components of lithography machines, the company will sell to Shanghai Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Electronics provides its positioning grating components for projection lithography machines in the semiconductor field.

According to the data, Su Daweige is mainly engaged in the innovative application of micro-nano key technologies, high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, and functional materials, and is the first batch of certified national high-tech enterprises. Its lithography instrument division has developed a variety of lithography equipment MiScan200 (8"~12") for MEMS chips, MicroLab (4"~8") of micro-nano optics, metasurface, naked-eye 3D display, optoelectronic device research The nanolithography equipment NanoCrystal (8"~32").

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