The latest firmware release of Hanwang handwritten electronic paper series products

According to the official release of Hanwang, in order to bring a better product experience to the majority of users, the latest upgrade tutorial for Hanwang handwritten electronic paper series products is here! The applicable product models of this upgrade tutorial include Hanwang Handwritten Electronic Paper 1001, Hanwang Handwritten Electronic Paper 1020, and Hanwang Handwritten Electronic Paper E10.

The following is the detailed update content brought by the official.

Before you upgrade

Please note that the latest firmware of Hanwang Handwritten Electronic Paper is not allowed to be downgraded.

Once you upgrade to a higher version of firmware, you cannot revert to a lower version. Please ensure that the battery power of the handwritten electronic paper notebook is more than 50%. If the battery power is lower than this, the upgrade cannot be performed, and the system may be damaged.

Upgrade steps

Power on → connect to WiFi, keep the wireless network unobstructed → click the "system settings" button on the main interface → click the page down button, turn to the second page, find the "system maintenance" section → click "system upgrade" in the "system maintenance" section button → Click "Check for Updates" for a system update.

During the upgrade process, follow the steps below, please do not press the power button:

  • The upgrade starts, check the upgrade package, and the system restarts automatically.
  • To upgrade the system, please do not press the power button.
  • Automatically start, enter the main boot interface, and the upgrade is complete.

Upgrade information

Added functions

Add a customized version of the "Baidu Netdisk" App for the ink screen

Click the "Utilities" button to enter the "Baidu Network Disk" App running mode, and you can receive the "version update" upgrade, click the "Confirm" update button, and after the system update is completed, you can obtain a comparison with the Hanwang handwritten electronic paper. The adapted ink screen customized version of the "Baidu Network Disk" App.

Add document refresh mode

txt document refresh adds "fine" and "fast" modes.

Added the function of handwritten notes

Add graphics function to handwritten notes, which can be formed in one stroke, and can draw various graphics in one stroke. (Triangle, Quadrilateral, Line, Circle, Ellipse)

Added file encryption function

Add the folder password encryption function. The usage method is as follows: Enter the notebook folder interface, long-press the document you want to encrypt, and click the "Encrypt" button to complete the document encryption. One-click setup, very convenient!

Free up memory space

The "Installation Package" button has been added to the navigation bar of the extension application. After clicking, the downloaded installation package can be deleted.

Optimized function

Annotation software optimization

Adjust the position of the page-turning key in the annotation toolbar in the txt document; increase the width of the pen and eraser.

Optimization of handwritten note function

In the handwritten notes, the thickness of the pen has been adjusted, and the first level is optimized to be thinner.

Main interface optimization

The position of "Hanwang Bookstore" in the main interface is adjusted to the "Utilities" and the upper right of the local book; the "Chinese-English Dictionary" in the utilities is adjusted to the original "Hanwang Bookstore" in the main interface.

Update of user manual

Click the "Utility" button, click "User Manual", the product has a built-in detailed version of the product user guide and product maintenance manual for users' reference and use.

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