The official version of iOS 15.4 has a battery life and pull the crotch

Earlier this week Apple pushed the official version of iOS 15.4, bringing the function of wearing a mask and using Face ID, as well as new emojis, and a lot of bug fixes. However, many users reported that After upgrading the new system, the battery life of the mobile phone deteriorates.

Some users on Twitter and Reddit say their phone's battery life has dropped faster since the iOS 15.4 update. At the moment, quite a few posts mention that the latest iPhone 13 models are affected, but others have also mentioned that older Apple phones are also affected.

This doesn't seem to be a common problem , as there are other Reddit and Twitter posts claiming that iOS 15.4 has improved their phone's battery life.

At present, Apple's official support account @Apple Support responded to a user's post on Twitter on this matter, they said that within 48 hours after installing the new version of the operating system, the application and some mobile phone functions need some adjustments, and battery life appears Changes are normal. You can observe it for a while, and if you still have problems, you can contact them again.

Based on information from the official response, most of these issues are expected to be resolved in the next few days. It's unclear how widespread the issue is, but if you're also affected, keep an eye on battery usage in the coming week.

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