The "self-directed and self-acted" listed Shiyi Technology apologizes

In January this year, a company called "Shiyi Technology" announced that it would be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 22, and even had a bell ringing link, which was later approved by the Xiamen Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau. Refute the rumor. Today, the WeChat public account of "Shiyi Technology" released an apology and statement, saying that it was deceived by the "Guangdong Business Consultant" and has now called the police.

Vision Technology stated in the article:

Recently, much domestic media pointed out that our company (Xiamen Shiyi Technology Co., Ltd.) "directed and performed" the Hong Kong listing ceremony event. In the face of public opinion supervision and criticism, we humbly accept it, resolutely correct it, and sincerely apologize to the public for the wrong behavior.

The incident seriously damaged the image of our company, caused a huge loss of goodwill, had a very negative impact on the public, and smeared the image of Xiamen's private enterprises. Since the incident, our company has quickly self-examined and corrected itself, and found that the information of the listed consulting company entrusted by our company - " Yueshang Listing Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. " (hereinafter referred to as "Yueshang Consultant") was misleading, and Guangdong The behavior of the business consultant has been suspected of fraud. Our description is as follows:

1. Our company has indeed entrusted a Guangdong business consultant to implement a tender offer for a target listed company in Hong Kong.

2. Regarding the "bell ringing" ceremony arranged by our company at the internal annual meeting, the Cantonese business consultant failed to fulfill the responsibilities of interpreting the rules and making compliance suggestions, but instead gave false information to mislead and promote our company to make the above arrangement.

3. In the actual implementation of the tender offer of the target listed company, Guangdong Business Consultant and its legal person Wang Li did not implement the agreement between the two parties, and their behavior was suspected of fraud. Our company has reported the case to the police and appointed a lawyer to carry out civil and criminal investigation rights.

Our company will deeply reflect on the management loopholes behind this incident and the lack of understanding of the rules, continue to do a good job in the industry in a down-to-earth manner, actively seek guidance from the regulatory authorities, re-understand and review the listing procedures of enterprises, and accelerate the standardization of corporate governance.

Thanks again for the supervision of our work from all walks of life, thanks to suppliers and sellers for their long-term care and support, and express my most sincere apologies for this incident!

The WeChat public account of "Shiyi Technology" claims that the " Shiyi Super E-commerce" is an innovative combination of " eye health + new e-commerce " and a super community operation service platform built through an online mall.

Company information shows that Xiamen Shiyi Technology Co., Ltd. was established on  January 21, 2021. The legal representative is Yang Yingfu, and the shareholders are Yang Yingfu and Yang Yingcai.

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