The Sony PS5 National Bank game console on the B station goes on sale tomorrow

Bilibili Barrage Network (B station) listed the Sony PS5 National Bank game console, priced at 3899 yuan ~ 4648 yuan, will be on sale at 14:00 on March 12, limited to Lv3 and above users purchase. Limit one purchase per person, no stock quantity is currently displayed and will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.

Purchasable item options:

  • Sony PS5 National Bank CD-ROM version 3899 yuan
  • Black handle + PS5 set 4428 yuan
  • White handle + PS5 set 4428 yuan
  • Red handle + PS5 set 4458 yuan
  • Headphone + PS5 set 4648 yuan

Previously, Sony has launched and started to sell the next-generation game console PlayStation 5 to domestic users, priced at 3,099 yuan (digital version) and 3,899 yuan (standard version).

The PS5 series host is equipped with an AMD custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU 3.5GHz (supports frequency conversion), supplemented by a custom RDNA2 architecture AMD GPU, with a frequency of up to 2.23GHz, supporting 10.28 trillion floating-point operations per second, supporting 120Hz / 8K output, 3D sound effects, etc., with top-level SSD, and support for backward compatibility with PS4 games. In addition, Sony CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed that "99%" of the thousands of PS4 games that are backward compatible can be played on PS5, and PS4's next expected lifespan is up to 4 years.

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