TrendForce: Affected by Kioxia and Western Digital's raw material pollution incident

TrendForce released a report saying that due to the slightly high inventories of buyers and sellers, coupled with the recent Russian-Ukrainian conflict and high inflation, demand for PCs, laptops, smartphones, etc. continued to weaken. The report pointed out that under the influence of the raw material pollution incidents of Kioxia and Western Digital (WDC), the overall supply was significantly revised down, which became the key to the 5~10% increase in NAND Flash prices in the second quarter.

  • Client SSD: It is expected that the price increase in the second quarter will converge to 3~8% compared with the original expectation. 
  • Enterprise SSD: The supply of PCIe 4.0 products is limited, so the original factory adopted a tough bargaining trend, which pushed up the price of Enterprise SSD by 5~10% in the second quarter.
  • eMMC: The eMMC contract price is expected to rise by 3-8% in the second quarter.
  • UFS: UFS prices are still expected to rise by about 3~8% in the second quarter. For the NAND Flash wafer segment, prices are expected to rise by 5-10% in the second quarter.

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