Tsinghua Unigroup launched a dedicated smart door lock solution for isolation rooms

Ziguang Guowei's Ziguang Anxin has cooperated with Hanshi Technology to launch an isolation smart door lock solution, which has now landed in the Zhuhai isolation hotel project. The isolated smart door lock solution is developed and formed based on the FD4 networking solution of Ziguang Anxin. It supports NB-IoT networking or WiFi networking and can realize a centralized collection of the door opening permissions, remote distribution, and reporting of entry and exit records. , abnormal situation alarm and other functions, and supports multi-level authority management.

The official said that in the scenarios of centralized isolation management of epidemics such as isolation hotels and hospitals, the isolation smart door lock solution can monitor the status of the lock tongue through sensors to determine whether it is an inside door. Once the quarantined person opens the door from the room, the smart door lock will sound an early warning tone, and push a notification to the management staff as soon as possible, so that the management staff can take corresponding measures in a timely manner for management and control. In addition to the special function of "door-opening alarm", with the IoT cloud platform, App, applet, and other management platforms, the isolated smart door lock solution also supports remote issuance of temporary passwords, remote freezing of door locks, tamper-proof alarms, Trial and error alarm, and other remote management and early warning functions.

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