Vivo's first folding screen flagship mobile phone X Fold will be released next month

 Vivo will release its first folding screen flagship mobile phone X Fold next month, the internal code is "Butterfly". Vivo insiders revealed that this folding screen mobile phone will have a great technological breakthrough in the core component "hinge", and the product performance will be fully comparable to Huawei and Samsung.

There have been more and more revelations about the Vivo X Fold recently. Display industry analyst Ross Young said last month that Samsung's display panels for vivo's first folding smartphone began production in January. 

According to Ross Young, vivo's first foldable phone will use an 8.03-inch LTPO 120Hz screen covering UTG ultra-thin glass. 

According to the digital blogger @Digital Chat Station today, the Vivo X Fold uses a centered single-hole curved external screen, a rear full-focus quad camera, and does not use side fingerprints, and the hardware configuration is very high.

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