Wuhan University and OPPO have developed the Find X5 series of "fever-reducing" mobile phone cases

Wuhan University Nano Energy Laboratory and OPPO Thermal Laboratory announced the joint development of a new heat dissipation material Glacier Mat.

According to reports, the material is based on the principle of evaporative cooling of spacecraft and heat dissipation of human sweat and realizes the function of self-circulating evaporative cooling, which can be used in modern electronic devices, such as chips, mobile phones, PCs, solar cells and other fields to dissipate heat.

Glacier Mat can actively absorb moisture in the air when it is not heated, take away heat by evaporating moisture when heated, and then automatically absorb water when it cools down, and it can be recycled. It is an active-passive heat dissipation material, which provides a new heat dissipation solution for consumer electronic products.

OPPO has applied this new material to the newly released Find X5 series of ice-skinned heat dissipation protective cases. The new phone will be officially launched on March 3, and the first-time purchasers will get a fever-reducing phone case for free.

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