Yeston Releases RX 6500 XT Cute ITX Graphics Card

According to Yeston's official news, AMD RADEON RX6500XT-4GD6 cute graphics card has been released and will be released on March 23. The size of this graphics card is 172mm long x 101mm high x 41mm thick. It adopts a dual BIOS design and can be switched between standard mode and overclocking mode. This graphics card uses a pure aluminum metal backplane and is equipped with three 6mm heat pipes to dissipate heat.

In terms of parameters, this graphics card is equipped with a 1024 stream processor, has 4GB 64bit GDDR6 memory, the core frequency can reach 2825MHz, the interface includes a DP and an HDMI, and 6pin power supply.

AMD's official suggested retail price of the RX 6500 XT is 1599 yuan, and the current market price is about 1799-1899 yuan.

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