China: Huawei's official battery replacement event is here

Huawei's official Weibo announced that the service thanksgiving and feedback season will start again. From April 1st to June 30th, battery replacement starts from 99 yuan, spare parts maintenance is only 12% off, and it supports door-to-door /repair / There are many ways to get to the store.

According to the introduction of the event, the battery replacement event from 99 yuan supports a variety of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and other products of Huawei and Honor brands. Huawei equipment includes:

  • Mobile phones: Mate series, P series, Nova series, G series, Changxiang series, Maimang series;
  • Tablet: Enjoy series, M series, MatePad series;
  • Notebooks: MateBook series, MateBook D series, MateBook X series; smart wearables: smartwatches, children's watches.

Honor devices include:

  • Mobile phones: Play series, V series, X series, Play series, Digital series, Magic series, Note series
  • Tablet: Waterplay series, digital series, V series, X series
  • Notebook: MagicBook series, Hunter game series

The "battery replacement starting at 99 yuan" is a one-price event and cannot be participated in at the same time as the reduction and exemption of labor costs on the service day. Users can participate in the activities by going directly to the service store, making an appointment, sending repair services, etc.

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