Framework motherboards on sale

Last year Framework company launched a modular upgradeable laptop, with a beautiful design and user-replaceable memory, SSD and ports. Today, Framework Inc. sells the motherboard, the heart of Framework laptops, separately, without buying any other laptop parts.

The motherboard is already shipping in the US and Canada, and will soon expand to the UK and other countries in Europe. However, the choice of processors is still limited to three 11th Gen Intel mobile chips, with the cheapest board with the Core i5-1135G7 going for $399 and the Core i7-1165G7 for $549, the Core i7-1185G7 costs $799 (about 5209.48 yuan).

With the new motherboard, existing Core i5 users of Framework laptops can easily upgrade to Core i7 by replacing the motherboard.

In addition, users can build their own DIY computer based on this motherboard, adding the desired DDR4 memory or M.2 based storage on it, and like a laptop, the motherboard is powered through its USB-C port, and users can download it from Add any port module you like on the Framework's marketplace.

The framework also publishes documentation and schematics on GitHub to help people design their own enclosures for Framework boards, as well as basic 3D printed enclosures. Everything you need to make a small computer yourself is in Github, including a 2D image of the motherboard for designing your own accessories, and a CAD file for printing a sample case.

Since the introduction of Framework's laptops, the company has been slowly adding parts to its market for repairs, upgrades, and the look you want. They include monitors, bottom cases, speaker kits, new keyboards, touchpads, and more.

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