Huawei's security system and terminal chip patents are authorized

The information shows that on April 29th, the patent for "a security system and terminal chip" applied by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was authorized. The abstract shows that the security system includes security components, as well as a clock randomization processing unit. The security system first randomizes the clock signal and then inputs it to the security component. The randomized clock signal will cause the work of its internal modules to be irregular, which will greatly increase the difficulty of analysis in side-channel attacks and improve the security component. security capabilities.

The present invention provides a security system, including a security component, and a clock randomization processing unit, which is configured to receive a clock signal, and randomly change the level of a high-level step or a low-level step in the clock signal. the arrangement, and providing the altered clock signal to the security component. In the security system in the embodiment of the present invention, before inputting the clock signal to the security component, the clock signal is firstly randomized, and then the randomized clock signal is input to the security component. The randomized clock signal will cause the internal modules to work irregularly, thereby greatly increasing the analysis difficulty in side-channel attacks and improving the security capability of the security component.

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