Microsoft has reorganized to better develop software for Android

Microsoft has reorganized to better develop software for Android. Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher, and other Android projects will be the new Android Microsoft platform and Experience (AMPX) Sector.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of the memo: "Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our business. We recently made organizational changes to accelerate our reach and better serve our customers and partners. " 

Microsoft's software on the Android platform has a higher degree of freedom in functions. Take Microsoft Launcher as an example. The launcher can completely redefine the interface of Android devices, but there is no such degree of freedom on the iPhone.

If the rumors are true, Microsoft will focus more on developing software for the Android platform, allowing people's mobile devices to be extensions of their Windows devices, just like the iPhone and Mac. According to Windows Central, Microsoft hopes to take this integration a step further than what is offered through the Phone Link app.

The new AMPX unit will reportedly be led by Ali Akgun, who previously served as Surface Principal Vice President, and will report to Panos Panay.

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