Microsoft is working on a smaller, more efficient chip for the Xbox Series X

Microsoft's Xbox Series X has been on the market for a long time, and existing news indicates that its first upgraded version may become. A video posted by insider @Brad sam (now vice president and general manager of Stardock Software) shows that Microsoft is working on a more efficient chip for the console.

Sams revealed on YouTube:

I believe it's true... I know Microsoft is improving the Xbox chip. Now, will we see performance improvements, will we see other things? While I don't think so, Microsoft has really been working on cooler and more efficient chips because that helps keep production costs down. I'm right that Microsoft is working on smaller, more power-efficient chips. And I'm pretty confident about that.

It's unclear if the exterior design of the Xbox Series X will change. But from what he means, the smaller and more efficient chips are only for "reducing costs", so this new product may just be an internally optimized model, which is expected to optimize the thermal design, and may also bring a smaller Xbox Series X.

It's worth mentioning that a white Series 2 Xbox Elite controller was spotted at a retailer recently, and Microsoft seems to be preparing to make some hardware announcements, but we'll never know, maybe only time will tell. everything.

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