Microsoft Says Xbox Series X/S Has Strong Sales For Two Consecutive Quarters

Microsoft CEO Nadella said in the company's third-quarter earnings conference call that the strong sales of the Xbox Series X / S have given Xbox a place in the world for two consecutive quarters. Nadella said Microsoft was the game console market leader in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Western Europe during the quarter.

NPD recently announced the sales data of game software and hardware in the North American market in March 2022. The sales of the Xbox Series X / S in the first quarter ranked first. In addition, the sales and sales of the Xbox Series X / S in March broke the Xbox console. The all-time record for March.

In addition, the Xbox Series X/S sold more in Europe than the PS5 for the first time in February and was the best-selling console in the UK in March. On Microsoft's earnings conference call, the company's chief financial officer Amy Hood said when looking forward to the fourth quarter: "In the gaming space, due to the year-on-year decline in-game time and the limited supply of game consoles, we expect revenue to decline in the mid-to-high range. Single digits, but playtime is still expected to be higher than pre-pandemic levels."

According to VGChartz's console sales statistics, as of March this year, the total global sales of the Xbox Series X|S console since its release (the seventeenth month) have reached 13,867,499 units. In response, the previous generation console, the Xbox One, sold 11,480,703 units in its 17th month.

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