Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio will support 60/120Hz dynamic refresh rate

The dynamic refresh rate support of Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio has been released in the Windows preview version of the Dev and Beta channels, supporting a 60/120Hz dynamic refresh rate.

This feature requires downloading the latest firmware and GPU drivers:

  • Surface - Firmware -
  • Intel Corporation - Display -

After installing the update, Surface Laptop Studio users can find the dynamic refresh rate in the advanced display settings in the Settings app.

Dynamic refresh rate helps Surface Laptop Studio save power by reducing the refresh rate to 60Hz when the OS detects a scene that doesn't require 120Hz (such as viewing still images or when idling), extending your computer's battery life. But this dynamic refresh rate can only be switched between 60Hz and 120Hz.

Windows Central test said that the dynamic refresh rate of Surface Laptop Studio can work normally, but some animations seem to be not as smooth as the original ones, and it may take a while to be polished before being pushed to the official version users.

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