Netizens posted pictures saying that their life was saved by the head beam of Razer Kraken

We have heard enough news about mobile phones blocking bullets. Have you heard of headphones blocking bullets? An 18-year-old California Reddit netizen recently posted several pictures saying that a bullet came in from his bedroom window on Wednesday morning, hitting the head beam of the original Razer Kraken (North Sea Monster) headset, and then the bullet. It deflected and shot towards the wall before falling onto the bed.

As you can see from the picture, the bullet apparently penetrated the soft padding of the Razer headset headband but was blocked by the metal inside, deflected, and shot out the other side of the headband. We can imagine how serious the bullet would have been if there were no headphones to block it.

In addition to mobile phones and headphones, there have also been incidents of laptops and monitors blocking bullets.

In 2020, a Twitter user reported that a stray bullet from his downstairs apartment passed through his floor, and bed, but was eventually blocked by his Surface Book laptop.

In 2019, Eric Ganyan, a player living in California, USA, was shot by an unknown person outside his residence. The bullets were shot through the wall and into the room. One of the bullets was lucky to be blocked by his MSI monitor, and the monitor was able to function normally after that operation.

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