Samsung will purchase 6.5 million mobile phone OLED panels from BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics

Mizuho Securities said that this year Samsung is expected to purchase 6.5 million smartphone OLED panels from Chinese display panel manufacturers BOE and CSOT. That would be about eight times what Samsung bought from the two companies last year, compared with 800,000 yuan last year, Mizuho Securities analyst Yasuo Nakane told a conference in Busan, South Korea, held by analyst firm UBI Research. Samsung will buy 3.5 million OLED panels from BOE and 3 million from CSOT , the analyst said.

Samsung is expected to purchase a total of 155.5 million smartphone OLED panels this year, according to Nakane. It will purchase 149 million pieces from its subsidiary Samsung Display, accounting for 96% of the total, and the remaining 4% will come from BOE and CSOT.

Last year, Samsung purchased a total of 140.8 million OLED panels, 99% of which came from Samsung Display. Although BOE and CSOT still have a small share of Samsung's OLED supply chain, they are expected to continue to grow in the future. Samsung Display has been the exclusive supplier of Samsung's OLED panels until 2020.

According to TheElec, the two companies were involved last year in the development of OLED panels for the 2022 model Galaxy A73, the top model of the Galaxy A series. BOE and CSOT are likely to increase their supply of OLED panels to Samsung due to the A73.

At the same time, BOE is also actively seeking to supply more OLED panels to Apple to fight against rivals Samsung Display and LG Display. At the meeting, Nakane noted that Apple is expected to purchase 223 million smartphone OLED panels this year, which would be 40 million more than last year's 181.5 million. Of the total in 2022, Apple expects to purchase 137 million, or 67 percent, from Samsung Display, 55 million, or 25 percent, from LG Display, and 31 million, or 14 percent, from BOE.

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