Xiaomi's Beijing factory starts construction, with a starting price of 610 million for a plot

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources issued an announcement for the bidding, auction, and listing of the YZ00-0606-0101 plot in Yizhuang New Town, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The announcement shows that the land will be supplied in the form of "six connections and one leveling" for the construction of an intelligent manufacturing industrial base project, with a land area of ​​718,046.1 square meters, a total lease and sale period of 50 years, and a starting price of RMB 610,339,185. . Five days ago, Xiaomi Auto became the "quasi-landlord" of this plot.

It is reported that the construction of the factory has started, the land is being leveled, and about forty-five out of ten have been completed. Xiaomi officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee on November 27 last year. According to the agreement, Xiaomi Auto will build a vehicle factory with an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles here in two phases. The production capacity of the first phase and the second phase is 150,000 vehicles respectively.

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