AMD's first-generation AM5 motherboard was leaked

AMD's AM5 platform will be based on the new LGA 1718 socket and natively support processors up to 170W. If nothing else, AMD will announce it at Computex 2022 tomorrow.

From the official PPT obtained by VideoCardz, the 600 series platforms all support DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 protocol.

AMD has confirmed that the X670E (Extreme) will be the top of the line this generation, designed for "unparalleled performance and overclocking" with PCIe Gen5 "everywhere" support for PCIe 5 graphics and storage.

AMD, on the other hand, also offers some X670s that support PCIe 5 graphics and storage for "enthusiast overclockers." In addition, mainstream platforms based on the B650 chipset only support PCIe Gen5 storage (no graphics card support).

AMD 600 series motherboards will offer up to 24 PCIe 5 lanes, up to 14 SuperSpeed ​​USB 20Gbps (TypeC), and WiFI-6E with DBS/Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 support.

Interestingly. AMD also revealed that the 600-series motherboards will feature up to four HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2 outputs. IT House has reported that AMD Ryzen 7000 series "Raphael" desktop processors integrate RDNA2 core display, so this is expected to come in handy.

In addition, AMD also confirmed that its new AM5 platform supports a new technology called SmartAccess Storage, which matches previous revelations. This technology will add support for AMD platform technology and GPU decompression to Microsoft DirectStorage Enabled Games, which is worth looking forward to.

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