Apple is working on putting a camera on the crown of the Apple Watch

Apple has been researching how to install the camera on the Apple Watch, and a newly published patent shows that Apple has considered installing the camera on the crown of the watch.

The patent document shows:

The watch contains a rotatable crown, such as one for digital input, and a camera can be included in the assembly to allow images to be captured through the assembly.

Lenses can be integrated within and/or behind the aperture to focus the scene image. The image sensor disposed behind the aperture can be further configured to detect movement of markings on the dial, so that the image sensor can be used both as a camera to take pictures of the scene and as a sensor to detect the rotation of the scale to sense the rotation input.

As you can see from the picture, when wearing the watch, you can just take pictures with the back of your hand, maybe the screen of the watch can be used as a viewfinder.

One of the two inventors of the patent is Tyler S. Bushnell, who has previously applied for a patent to improve the crown of the Apple Watch. In addition to the mechanics, the top of the crown could be made into a touch-sensitive area, which might make room for a lens.

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