BYD is negotiating the purchase of 6 African lithium mines

According to The Paper, BYD has found 6 lithium mines in Africa, and all of them have reached acquisition intentions . If the acquisition is reached, it can meet the battery demand for the next ten years.

Sources told The Paper that according to BYD's internal calculations, among the six lithium mines, the amount of ore with a grade of 2.5% lithium oxide has reached more than 25 million tons, which can be converted into 1 million tons of lithium carbonate . At the same time, he also revealed, "In terms of cost, the loading price of lithium carbonate per ton is definitely below 200,000 yuan."

The source also revealed that several of the six lithium mines will be shipped next month, and these lithium are expected to be loaded into BYD blade batteries in the third quarter of this year.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Co., Ltd., pointed out that insisting on lithium iron phosphate as the correct development path. Talking about the "surging prices of raw materials", Wang Chuanfu said that this is a challenge that the industry needs to overcome. They also suggested to comprehensively sort out the layout and production capacity of lithium carbonate resources, increase domestic mining and foreign imports, maintain market supply and demand, stabilize price expectations, and promote the healthy and safe development of the industry.

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