BYD Semiconductor Releases IGBT Components for Photovoltaic Inverters

Under the background of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", the large-scale application of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy, and biomass energy has become an inevitable trend in the development of world energy. Among many power generation technologies, solar photovoltaic power generation is one of the important power generation methods in the concept of green environmental protection, and photovoltaic inverters are the core equipment of solar photovoltaic power generation. The performance of photovoltaic inverters can affect the stability and power generation of the entire photovoltaic system. Efficiency and service life.

Public information shows that the performance of photovoltaic inverters can affect the stability, power generation efficiency and service life of the entire photovoltaic system. In the inverter circuit, semiconductor power devices with switching characteristics such as IGBTs are required to control each power device to be turned on and off in turn, and then boost or step down through the transformer coupling, and finally realize the conversion of DC to AC. Therefore, IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), as the core component of photovoltaic inverter, is widely used in photovoltaic and other fields.

BYD Semiconductor successfully developed the T-type topology BG80T12G10S5 module and the I-type topology module BG150I07N10H5 module.

These two IGBT modules adopt the typical application topology of the photovoltaic inverter market. The modules have compact structure and high performance, and are suitable for various photovoltaic inverters, such as photovoltaic inverter and energy storage. Compared with similar products in the industry, the temperature rise is lower and the reliability is higher.

For different application fields, IGBTs also show different technical characteristics. Photovoltaic IGBTs have very high requirements for reliability. The power output by new energy power generation needs to be converted into AC power that meets the requirements of the grid through the photovoltaic inverter and then input to the power grid. This kind of line needs to maximize the performance of the IGBT module. , so higher reliability requirements are also put forward for IGBT chips.

BYD Semiconductor's T-type topology BG80T12G10S5 module and I-type topology module BG150I07N10H5 have the following features:

  • Compact structure, small package size
  • Adopt DBC process
  • Low-loss IGBT using BYD Semiconductor's IGBT5.0 technology
  • Low parasitic inductance design
  • impact resistance
  • Pin Craft

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