China Telecom Tianyi reminds the scam of "large-traffic card, unlimited App, unlimited speed"

China Telecom Tianyi IoT talked about the so-called "the latest high-traffic card of the operator, unlimited App and unlimited speed". After using it for a while, it showed no signal, and the merchant also contacted If not, the recharged money will be wasted. It turns out that this kind of card is a patch card, which was changed to a plug-in card without permission. This kind of irregular card, service is not guaranteed.

The patch card is a card that is fixed on the device and cannot be moved. It is strictly limited to be used in the original IoT terminal equipment . If it is converted into a plug-in card, it may be used to provide network support for fraudulent activities. Risks Can be big.

Tianyi Internet of Things reminds that on the Internet, some unscrupulous merchants have privately transformed the IoT patch card into a plug-in card and disguised it as a traffic card for sales, which harms public interests and poses great security risks and service risks. IoT cards are strictly limited to be used in IoT scenarios and IoT devices, and cannot directly sell bare cards to individual users. Tianyi Internet of Things calls on the vast number of individual consumers to increase their awareness of prevention and not to buy IoT cards online. If corporate customers need to purchase a card, please call 10000 and transfer to the government and enterprise agent for details.

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