Code shows Google is working on built-in snoring and coughing detection for Android

Google launched a new update to the Google Fit app, turning Pixel phones into heartbeat and respiration monitors, which can use the phone's camera, microphone and accelerometer to measure heart rate and breathing rate.

According to 9To5Google, now Google is developing two new features for Android phones to give users a deeper understanding of sleep quality.

A piece of code has reportedly appeared in the Google Health Studies app that shows Google is testing snoring and coughing detection for Android devices . These features are part of an ongoing study of sleep audio collection by the Google Health Sensing team.

You must be a full-time Google employee with an Android phone to participate in this study. The environmental condition required for this study was a maximum of one adult sleeper in the same room.

Google said the Health Sensilog team is developing advanced sensing capabilities and algorithms to give Android users a deeper understanding of their sleep activity.

Google's Nest Hub already provides these two functions. It's unclear if the snoring and coughing detection is supported on all Android devices or exclusive to the Pixel.

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