Data Source Technology said that the current 5G communication shell is only suitable for Huawei P50 Pro models

Shuyuan Technology issued an announcement on abnormal fluctuations in stock trading: 5G communication shells belong to the personal consumer electronic products of specific users, and the modules and other components used are externally purchased. The product is only applicable to the Huawei P50 Pro model, and has not yet generated relevant sales revenue. The business accounts for a small proportion and has limited impact on the company.

The 5G mobile phone case, which has been exposed many times before, has now been officially released. The 5G communication case can realize the second change of 4G mobile phone to 5G through eSIM technology. It is the world's first "5G communication case". Its weight is about 52g and the thickness is about 3.2mm, which is close to the conventional mobile phone protective case. The starting price is 799 yuan, and it is expected to go on sale in June.

As a product to upgrade the 5G network, the "5G Communication Shell" has won the support of the three major domestic operators.

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