G.SKILL releases its first notebook DDR5 memory

According to G.SKILL's official news, G.SKILL International is now launching a new high-speed Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory, which has high-performance specifications such as DDR5-5200 CL38 and DDR5-4800 CL34. 64GB (32GBx2) ultra-large capacity option.

Officially, this series of memory is tailored for the top performance of the new generation of DDR5. G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory series insists on using carefully selected high-quality IC chips to build, and through G.SKILL's exclusive R&D technology and rigorous verification process to ensure that each set of products has excellent performance and stability.

G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory offers a range of powerful new specifications for ultra-low latency, including DDR5-4800 CL34-34-34-76 and DDR5-5200 CL38-38-38-83 Extreme Pack. Please refer to the following chart for detailed specifications:

G.S.K.Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory sets are expected to go on sale in May this year.

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