Guangdong Unicom apologizes for the freshman was terminated because he was over 24 years old

 Heyuan Unicom issued a statement saying that the company apologized for the related discussions on the Internet and the trouble it caused to the relevant students and the society yesterday.

Heyuan Unicom stated that on the evening of May 26, the company had communicated with the students to eliminate misunderstandings, and would strictly abide by the spirit of the contract and perform the employment agreement according to the law. 

At the same time, Heyuan Unicom pointed out in the description that it will improve the problems in the work in time.

Subsequently, Guangdong Unicom issued a statement saying that it will seriously reflect on and improve the recruitment work , standardize the recruitment process and conditions, and ensure that the recruitment work is fair, just and open. Everyone is welcome to supervise the work. 

Previously, "The fresh graduate was terminated by China Unicom because the graduation age was over 24" was on the hot search on Weibo. Relevant reports show that Heyuan, a fresh student from Guangdong Heyuan, reported that she signed a "tripartite agreement" with China Unicom Heyuan Branch through recruiting last autumn, and was recently told that she needed to terminate the contract because she was over 24 years old .

He said that she was born in February 1998 and just turned 24 years old this year. Before signing the tripartite agreement, she had undergone a back adjustment review . At that time , 6 people in the branch were terminated due to age issues .

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