Huawei mobile phones will add an "application security detection" entry, which can scan mobile phones for illegal applications

Huawei officially announced that the Huawei App Market will gradually add an " application security detection " entry to various models of Huawei mobile phones, and upgrade the function of application security detection.

When users click on the " My " interface on the mobile phone of Huawei AppGallery, the application security detection function can automatically start to detect and scan all installed applications on the device, including official apps downloaded through Huawei AppGallery and others. For third-party applications downloaded by the channel, once a violating application is found during the detection and scanning process, a risk warning will be immediately issued . Through the application security detection function, users can easily grasp the security status of installed applications.

According to reports, the application security detection system of HUAWEI AppGallery will also issue risk warnings for non-compliant applications downloaded from third-party channels, such as viruses, privacy violations/malvertising, etc. found during the scanning process to ensure that users are aware of the applications Safe state. At the same time, the application security detection function is connected to the National Anti-Fraud Center's fraud information black sample database , which provides early warning and interception of fraudulent applications that users may come into contact with safety.

Huawei AppGallery will remove some apps that are safe and compliant at the time of launch, but whose developers use the cloud to control suspected malicious behavior . For this type of off-the-shelf application, if the user has already installed it before taking it off the shelf, the application security detection function will pop up a risk reminder that "the application does not meet the "Terminal Quality Inspection and Security Review Standards", there may be risks, and it is recommended to deal with it immediately. User safety in using the app.

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