In 2021, Huawei will invest 2.7 billion yuan in university cooperation

Huawei director and director of the Scientist Advisory Committee Xu Wenwei said at the Times Higher Education Asia University Summit that Huawei will invest 2.7 billion yuan in university cooperation in 2021 , and will continue to invest and increase cooperation in the future.

Xu Wenwei said: "Huawei and university research institutes have jointly built an open and innovative joint scientific research and talent training platform. Through the two-wheel drive of 'vision hypothesis + applied research', we will jointly define big problems, drive joint innovation between industry and academia, and solve problems. Industrial challenges that produce world-class results.”

Xu Wenwei said that Huawei cooperates with more than 300 universities and more than 900 research institutions around the world . In 2021, Huawei will invest 2.7 billion yuan in university cooperation, of which about 1.6 billion yuan will be invested in cooperation with Chinese universities .

Xu Wenwei also put forward five suggestions:

First, continue to support basic theories, basic technological breakthroughs, and support the continuous innovation of the industry. 

Second, jointly solve problems and break through major challenges in the industry;

Third, by jointly optimizing majors, curriculum design, etc., strengthening industry benchmarking and cultivating urgently needed talents in the industry;

Fourth, through joint laboratories, science and technology competitions, Huang Danian Tea House, Future Seeds, postdoctoral mobile stations, etc., jointly create an innovative environment and platform, identify and cultivate talents;

Fifth, strengthen the flow of talents in the industry and academia, and promote the transformation of theory and practice.

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