Intel Arc A3 desktop appeared alone on official website

Intel Arc desktop independent display will be launched in the Chinese market in the second quarter, first shipping to OEMs, and then launching the retail version.

As reported by VideoCardz, a link to the Arc A3 series of desktop graphics cards appeared on Intel's website yesterday and was later removed. This could be a clear sign that the A3 series is finally here.

The confirmed Intel Arc A3 series graphics cards include the A380 and A310 , and there are rumors that the A380 may be launched first.

In addition, the beta driver released by Intel also includes model data for desktop graphics cards. According to the driver documents, Intel Arc desktop graphics cards include the A770, A750, A580, A380 and A310, the previously reported A780 and A350 are not among them.

The following is the breaking news of these desktop graphics cards:

  • Arc A770: ACM-G10 GPU, 16 GB VRAM (more powerful than RTX 3060 Ti)
  • Arc A750: ACM-G10 GPU, 12 GB VRAM (more powerful than RTX 3060)
  • Arc A580: ACM-G10 GPU, 8 GB VRAM (equivalent to RTX 3060)
  • Arc A380: ACM-G11 GPU, 6 GB VRAM (more powerful than RTX 3050)
  • Arc A350: ACM-G11 GPU, 4 GB VRAM (equivalent to RTX 3050)
  • Arc A310: ACM-G11 GPU, 4 GB VRAM (more powerful than RX 6400)

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