Intel will release Ruixuan desktop graphics card A580 / A750 at the end of May

According to reports, Intel's first announced models will be the Ruixuan A580 and A750, possibly in late May or early June. The Ruixuan A580 is priced at US$280 (about 1853.6 yuan) against the RTX 3050, and the Ruixuan A750 is priced at US$350 (about 2317 yuan) against the RTX 3060.

The model to be released later will be the Ruixuan A380, which is priced at $150 (about 993 yuan) against the GTX 1650, and maybe launched in July.

Intel released the Ruixuan mobile graphics card not long ago, and at the same time announced the appearance of the limited edition Ruixuan desktop graphics card, and said that it will be released this summer.

Intel has not yet announced the parameters and specifications of this model, which is expected to be the top version of 32 Xe core + 16GB video memory. This graphics card uses a dual-fan and dual-slot thick design. The front of the graphics card seems to have a "transparent exploration" design, and there is a light-emitting Intel Arc logo on the side.

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